A Mom, a Balloon Pump, a Pocket Full of Balloons and a Happy baby

With so many options nowadays, sometimes we forget to keep it simple, we have tones of DIY for slime, goo, dyed food, discovery bags, sensory boards, everything that you want you can easily find a tutorial on the web, but, believe me, you don’t need to make them every day, yeah your baby will love it (maybe for 30min, if you got lucky) and then he move on for the next exciting thing, that could be a piece of paper on the floor, don’t get me wrong i love present my baby with new and exciting things whenever possible, but i was a very happy child and i never felt or saw any of this activities, i remember when i was young and somebody gave me a balloon, i was he happier child in the block and the best football player in the world.

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My “imperfect” family

My little baby isn’t a little baby anymore, now he’s a little man index.

We survive to his first year. I’m a bit more crazy (Probably a lot more) but still alive, and that’s the important.

And Because his first year of life was such a big deal to me, i try to keep every tiny piece of it in my head, but because was so much to remember i needed some help, and for that i have made series of things to keep the memories alive. That’s what i want to share with you.

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Easter Baby

Hi everybody, it is my second post and I’m super excited !!

I love when “special days” are coming, like a festival, an holiday or some kind of celebration, for me it is a reason to dress up baby E. according the date, so Easter is coming, it’s rabbit season :p and because of that i though i could share his Easter costume from last year.

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Just another baby/toddler/family blog


Hello everybody, (this is a little bit weird, I’m having the feeling that I’m talking to myself, well moving on). I been thinking for a long time in starting a blog, but I was young and always with something super excited to do, so like a lot of things in our live I been leaving it for tomorrow, and tomorrow never came (like the song,giggle).

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